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In 1928, Tulsa architect Bruce Goff asked Olinka Hrdy, a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, to create a mural cycle for a music studio he had designed for Patti Shriner Adams. Located on Riverside Drive in Tulsa, the studio served as Shriner’s recital hall and home. Hrdy designed a cycle of nine murals based on her abstract interpretation of different styles of music.¬†Although the murals no longer exist, Hrdy’s precise studies for the murals survive. She used the language of Art Deco, a design style popular in Tulsa at the time, as a basis for her abstract imagery. The forms and colors are meant to convey the tones, rhythms, and themes of the music. These earrings are based on Hrdy’s design for the Riverside mural Future Music.

Art talks. Nature Talks. For more than 40 years, David Howell has listened to those two voices and created more than 10,000 designs for museums around the world. This collection reflects the best of those collaborations

Finish: Solid brass, giclee print, ear wires are hypo-allergenic
Dimensions:¬†Hangs approx. 1.75″ (Gift Boxed with Provenance Card)

Handcrafted in the USA

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