Our Story

The eARTh without ART … eh.  At Lila’s Designs you will find unique and custom-made products that you simply will not find at the big box stores. We proudly carry innovative goods crafted by talented artists. In addition to the hard work and energy that goes into each product, rest assured each contains a bit of heart and soul as well. The inspiration for our business was our mom, Lila, and the portrait on our website is a colored pencil sketch that was crafted from a tiny black and white photo. Being an artist herself, Mom would have appreciated this masterful interpretation of her beauty. Lila’s Designs partners with other small business owners to bring you unique eye-catching pieces designed to brighten your home and bring a smile to your face. Life is too short to be unhappy, wouldn’t you agree?  Click on the links on our site to meet other outstanding entrepreneurs and learn about their products.