Believe in Unicorns by Ann Lauer Black Panel w/Metallic for Benartex


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Brand New! The Believe in Unicorns panels feature 6 different Unicorn blocks which are surrounded by a 1” frame. If the blocks are cut ¼” beyond the frame, the block will be 10” finished. If only the solid frame is used, the block will be 9” finished and if none of the frame is used, it will be 8” finished. The unicorns look as if they have been hand painted with fractal designs in which every detail of the fractals is shaded as well as the unicorns. Incredible depth! The Fractal at the top and bottom of the panels is available on a black or white background allover so it can border the panel on the sides. The fabrics are highlighted with metallic gold. The panels measure 24” x 43”.


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